Jan. Minutes

COWMUG Minutes from 8 January 2015

Apple news

Apple is now selling unlocked iPhone 6 and 6plus - no SIM , so you can get one from any cell phone provider,  but the price is not subsidized by the provider's two year contract.  Purchase price starts at $650 for the 6, $&50 for the 6Plus.

CES 2015: Misfit Unveils New Swarovski Shine Fitness Wearables - Mac Rumors

The App Store racked up sales of nearly $500 Million - in just the first eight days of 2015!  Many people got a new iPad or iPhone and spent New Years downloading apps.

8 days into the year and Apple has already raked in half a billion dollars from the App Store – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home

How popular is the iOS in the corporate world?  One survey  of IT directors says 98% of their companies support iOS, compared to 79% supporting Android and even less for the Windows and Blackberry platforms.  And counting companies that provide mobile devices to their employees, 89% iOS, 57% Android, Windows 30%, Blackberry 25%.

Piper Jaffray: Apple’s iOS dominates corporate world – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home

How many US jobs are attributed to Apple?  66,000 direct employees, million at other companies that Apple buys from, million US jobs in the iOS "ecosystem".

U.S. jobs created or supported by Apple: 1,027,000 – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home

Not a bad move after all: Apple introduced a 64-bit custom CPU in the iPhone 5s, was scoffed at.  Now all the smart phone makers are contracting for custom 64-bit processors, but the company they've turned to has a problem. When the chip heats up, graphics processing runs very slow.  This may delay the introduction of new Android models.

Apple’s 64-bit chip ‘gimmick’ is about to deliver a huge blow to the iPhone wannabes – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home

Need more storage in your iPhone or iPad?  Plug in a chunk of flash storage. Two companies are offering them.

Leef iBridge, a curved device with USB on one end and Lightning port on the other.  So you can copy out your phone's photos for extra storage, or plug it into your Mac to off-load them.

Leef iBRIDGE Mobile Memory

iPocket Drive, promoted on Indigogo, square block with Lightning port on one side, USB on the opposite side.

iPocket Drive: USB Hard Drive For iPhones & iPads | Indiegogo

iPhones are very popular in China - why wait in line to buy one when you know where they're made!  Three men dug a hole into a Beijing warehouse, took 240 iPhone 6's, and sold them, and spent the loot on cars, gold, and gambling.

China nabs iPhone thieves who tunneled into warehouse – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home

Other companies

Put some crystals on that exercise monitor: Swarovski and Misfit make the Shine (crystal on top of solar cell charger). iPhone ap tells you how much you've worked out.

CES 2015: Misfit Unveils New Swarovski Shine Fitness Wearables - Mac Rumors

Noise-canceling headphones that need no battery because they run on your iPhone's power.

Philips debuts Lightning-powered noise-cancelling headphones, no batteries required – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home

As the Lawsuit Turns: Samsung vs. Apple (again).

HTC and LG join Google in backing Samsung against Apple – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home

The Windows phone is losing support in the US, in Europe, and especially in China.

Beleaguered Microsoft’s moribund Windows Phone may finally be dead – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home

Apps for the handheld crowd

Locally created: MegaBits game blurs the line between the virtual world of monsters and the real world you are in. Game play varies with your physical location! (But is that a good thing?)

MegaBits, the first location-based monster training MMO, has officially launched in the App... -- PITTSBURGH, Jan. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --


More than 2,000 vintage DOS games are now available freely, and set up to run in your web browser. (No need to dig that old '486 out of your neighbor's basement).   Sim City!  Oregon Trail!  Leisure Suit Larry! Courtesy of the Internet Archive.

Play more than 2,000 ancient DOS games in your browser for free | Cult of Mac

You say you liked the esthetics of Myst, but the game was just to fast and furious?  Check out Monument Valley, with its minimalist graphics and Escher-like impossible figures. 

Monument Valley hits iOS devices tomorrow | Polygon

Pitt Med has a new position to look at the side-effects of the handheld digital revolution. And a half-dozen apps made by Pitt faculty.

 -  medication dosage for Parkinson’s patients  SPark

 - smoking cessation support  QuitNinja

 - objective assessment of ACL damage using video of leg movement  PIVOT

 - text messages (anonymous) for teens with questions about sexual health  IOTAS (Its OK To Ask Someone)

 - text messages to people who want to control binge drinking  TRAC

An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away | Pitt Med | University of Pittsburgh

My questions

Is iChat dead?

iChat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mac Basics: iChat - Apple Support

Apple iChat for Mac | MacUpdate

My version (Snow Leopard) seems to be working, but none of my "buddies" are online.

Searching for an online radio recorder, take 2: uSaveIt.  But I don't think it allows downloads of the file, just streaming.

uSaveIt - Dashboard