Feb. Minutes

COWMUG Minutes from 5 Feb 2015

Apple News

Apple just posted the best quarterly profit report. Ever. For any US publicly traded company.

BBC News - Apple posts the biggest quarterly profit in history

The $18 Billion profit was up 50% from the same quarter the previous year.  (And they haven't even started selling the Apple Watch!) Much of the increased profit came from sales of 74 million iPhones, including sales in China. Apple's stock price also set a record yesterday, closing over $119 per share. 

AAPL sets new record high daily close | MacNN

Apple has begun beta testing of OS X 10.10.3 "Yosemite" and reports say it includes an application called Photos for OS X, which will supersede both iPhoto and Aperture. Your pictures will be organized more like they are in iOS Photos, and the Mac app will have advanced editing tools.

Apple unveils first 10.10.3 beta, includes new Photos app | MacNN

How popular is the MacBook with professional journalists?  Well, this photo of the opening of the 114th Session of the U.S. House of Representatives may give a hint. Check out the press row in the gallery above the Speaker.

How is Tim Cook faring as the CEO of Apple? Not too badly, according to this interview with Bloomberg News. Although it was written last fall it gives some insights into Mr. Cook's philosophy as head of Apple. Check out his response to one questioner who wanted a bigger financial return at the expense of the environment.

Tim Cook Interview: The iPhone 6, the Apple Watch, and Remaking a Company's Culture - Bloomberg Business

When is an upgrade not worth it?  Apple's newest Mac operating systems, Mavericks and Yosemite, dropped support for graphics processing done in software. The thinking seems to be that recent Macs (sold within the last five or six years) have advanced graphics hardware that can convert and display videos faster than the software can.  But if you have an older Mac and upgrade to Yosemite your videos may actually look worse - with choppy or jerky motion - without software image processing.

Should I Upgrade to Mac OS X Yosemite?

Want an iPhone and an iPad but don't want to lay out the cash to buy them? Sprint now offers a plan where you can lease both devices "for life", plus get a data plan, for $100 per month.  The offer expires in April.

Sprint offers combined 'for Life' lease on iPhone, iPad for $100 | Electronista

Things That Are Going Away

1. Support for PowerPC Macs.  Dropbox announced that it will terminate its app for Tiger and Leopard users in May.  It is not merely ceasing development for us owners of older Mac hardware, it will no longer let us access to our Dropbox accounts from the app or the special Dropbox folder. (We will still be able to use a web browser to get to our files.) But Dropbox will still support Windows XP!

Dropbox Dropping Tiger and Leopard Support in May | Low End Mac

2. Adobe Flash Video.  Youtube (owned by Google) announced that it will now distribute its videos using the HTML5 format by default.

YouTube's video pick spells doom for Adobe Flash - CNET

(By the way, Adobe released yet another update to Flash to patch a critical security flaw. This one comes 10 days after the last update.)

Adobe again updates Flash to fix new critical flaw | Electronista

3. Radio Shack.  The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization and plans to close half its stores, selling the balance to Sprint.  

RadioShack files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

RadioShack's long decline ends in bankruptcy - CBS News

The store in the Monroeville Mall is already closed; the Miracle Mile store is still open. Buy your spare parts and adapters now!

4. Google Glass.  In January Google abruptly stopped selling its wearable video camera and personal projector system.  Sales were worse than expected, and people who bought it didn't much use it.  Why? Maybe because it made people look funny, creeped out family and friends, got wearers banned from movie theaters, and gave Google another way to get more personal information on users and everyone around them.  Plus it cost $1500.

Google Glass: What went wrong - CNN.com

5. TUAW  The Unofficial Apple Weblog was closed down by parent company AOL this week.  Past articles will be available on the web site Engadget.

TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features

Things That Aren't Here (Yet)

One designer combined the esthetics of the original Macintosh with today's iPad Air.

CURVED/labs: Macintosh meets iPad Air - YouTube

Other News

Hey dude, where's my plow?  The City of Pittsburgh has a web site where you can track city snow plows.  Use their web site or iOS app.

Snow Resource Center | Snow Plow Tracker

Public Information App

Humor section

Why there was never an Apple PowerBook with the G5 processor: one artist's version.

Cookie Removal Tool:

Saturday Night Live predicts the return of Clippy: meet Pushie!


From The Floor

Janet: Can't afford Google Glass? Try Google Cardboard (uses Android phone as a stereopticon).

Google Cardboard – Google

Chris: Apple is converting a factory in Arizona into a data center.

Apple Converting Arizona Plant Into $2 Billion Data Center - InformationWeek