A Brief History of Cowmug


COWMUG began its official existence in 1991. It was founded by several adventuresome high school students and cooperative adults, all of whom were impressed with the Apple Macintosh computer. They wanted to participate in a user's group but were disappointed to learn the the nearest meeting was in downtown Pittsburgh. After several months of work they were able to organize their own, official Macintosh User's Group, serving Westmoreland and eastern Allegheny counties. On September 20, 1991, the inaugural meeting of COWMUG was held in the Trafford Borough Hall. The first board of directors included Nick Frollini, president, R. Bruce Robinson, vice-president, William Cecchetti, treasurer, and trustees harold William Akers, Raymond Baker, Jr., and Michael P. Kunkle. September, 1991 also saw the appearance of the premier issue of CowTales, the COWMUG newsletter. In November, 1991, Jack Irwin became a trustee, and the club began distributing Moo!, a monthly disk of shareware and public domain programs.

    In 1992 Gene Pilardi was elected president of COWMUG, after Nick Frolini left for college. With the advent of warm weather in 1998, the club began meeting in the banquet room of Parente's Restaurant in Trafford. This site had the advantage of being on the ground floor (no longer did members have to haul equipment up long flights of stairs) and it was also air conditioned.

    In September 1994 the meeting site changed again, to the Monroeville Public Library's Program Room. Although the library site did not serve food, it was less noisy and offered access to telephone lines for Internet connections. At the September meeting Pat Harter was elected president, with Gene Pilardi remaining as the club's ambassador.

    In September of 1995 Peter Carras was elected president, after Pat Harter moved to Ohio. The club has continued to meet monthly in the Monroeville Public Library, with occasional excursions to the ExpoMart (for the INPEX - Inventions and New Products trade show) and at that time Computer City and CompUSA stores.  

    More than ten years later, COWMUG  continues to meet at the Monroeville Library the first Thursday of the month with an occasional change in sites due to special events or circumstances.   We are part of the the broader Pittsburgh Users Group.